Happy Namibian Birthday to Me!

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Today I turned 47, and if you know me well, you know I’ve been lying about my age for so long (I was 28 then 38 for many, many years) that I had to use a calculator to make sure that I’m actually turning 47 today.

Namibia is Country #86

I am celebrating my birthday in Windhoek the capital of Namibia, the 86th country I’ve visited in this lifetime. Its desert beauty is a welcomed change from my tropical norm.

I love that I’ve seen so much of this world – international travel is certainly a very appreciated perk of my career. I know my-20-something self would be very happy with the life choices that got me here.

I’m Wealthy Everywhere

Not only do I see the world, when I’m home, I have a world of wealth around me – a loving wife, two awesome daughters, and supportive friends and family. I also have my health, though I can feel age creeping up on me.

For several months now I’ve been sidelined from running, a great joy for me, by nagging hip pain. That did inspire me to do yoga again, which I’ve neglected since my 20’s. I also really need to wear glasses, regardless of my vanity about them.

Yet Online Less

Curiously, I seem to have lost the vanity to publish my life online. I quit Facebook last year, and I am still very happy about that, yet my desire to replace it with blogging, or at least a photo trail has also waned. I’m not sure why.

I still take may photographs of the world around me, and I certainly have moments of reflection, but maybe I’ve matured beyond the need to brag about them? Or more likely, I have other outlets for my creativity that have greater real-world rewards.

Thank You

Regardless, thanks for taking a few moments from your life to hear about mine, on this 47th loop I’ve taken around the sun. I wonder where we’ll all be a year from now?

5 Comments on “Happy Namibian Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday! Glad you’re doing well. I turned 30 two days ago. Woke up in the Philippines and fell asleep in Vietnam. World traveling birthdays are a good time.

  2. I appreciate this little missive, and am wondering how to be online in a way that makes me feel well, and present. Happy birthday W.

  3. Happy birthday, and welcome to the world of glasses– they can be a pain but have the benefit of making people think you’re smarter than you are!

  4. Happy birthday, youngster! I think a break from relentless posting is well-deserved, but thanks for keeping your community up-to-date regardless.

  5. Hi Wayan, HBD! Look at you, getting all mature an’shit! To me you’ll always be that spastic kid from FL who loaded Doom on our office server and was “one of the girls” at Happy Hour. That was…dare I say it..25 years ago?!! Damn, we old.