Did You Zorb in Pigeon Forge?


Round and round we roll. Hanalei, Archer, and I. In a giant clear plastic sphere with a lubrication of warm water. Tossed and turned, we yell, laugh, and lurch down a giant hill. We are Zorbing and it’s awesome! To Zorb is to experience the tourist trap that is Pigeon Forge, the Appalachian Orlando that […]

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First New Job Task: Take Hardtail to Lusaka

Mountain bike shipped to Lusaka

This week, I started a new job. I’ve traded the private sector profit of Deloitte for the public sector promise of the US Government. I am now the Senior Digital Development Advisor for USAID/Zambia, working from the Mission in Lusaka, and when not here, from my home in Chapel Hill. My aim is to increase […]

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My New Endorphin Religion

carolina north forest

Concentrate! This is what I tell myself as a turn, brake, accelerate. Survival over speed matters most in Carolina North Forest. I am back outside pushing my exercise limits on a bicycle I nicknamed, “The Beast.” It is Sunday morning and I am reaffirming my endorphin religion by mountain biking along twisting trails with two […]

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A New Day with Deloitte


Four years ago, my family and I rolled into North Carolina unhoused, unemployed, and unhappy after my Philippine dream job fiasco. There is nothing quite like losing your job, house, car, and school, and then fleeing a country to put you into a professional funk. Then my wife found at job at Duke, I found […]

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Have You Flown Yet?

rdu flying

I flew on my first flight before I was born. My mom was so pregnant with me that she could not fasten her seat belt for takeoff from Australia on our flight to Bali, Indonesia. I’ve not stopped flying since. Well, until a global pandemic. I went from flying over 100,000 miles per year, for […]

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