Hire Me! ISO: A New Job in October

I’m proud to announce that USAID/Zambia is hiring a Zambian Digital Development Advisor to replace me. This is an awesome development. It shows the Mission is committed to digital development for the long term, and they will have a staff person able to dive into the minutia of ICT4D on a daily basis. Please apply […]

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My Experience: One Million Miler Status on United Airlines

one million miles united airlines

What happens when you fly one million miles on United Airlines? This is my experience reaching lifetime Star Alliance Gold status. Before 1 Million Miles: Nothing I’ve been tracking the One Million Miler goal on United Airlines Mileage Plus program for a few years now. I was close back in 2019 when I reached 85 […]

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My Future at Fifty One

life at fifty one

Fifty-one years ago, I came screaming into this world. By some cultures, that makes me 52 today. Either way, I don’t feel a half-century old. I certainly don’t think of myself as 51. That is until I see a selfie of some old guy who looks like me. Then I remember the many orbits around […]

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Flowing Freely in Forest Reserve 27

forest reserve 27 mountain biking

It’s Saturday morning and I am swooping down a single-track trail in Lusaka’s Forest Reserve 27 though a green canopy that wasn’t here just two months ago. Recent rains have transformed these 1,8000 hectares from a dust bowl into a stunning green mountain biker paradise in just a few weeks. Now I do my best […]

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Walk Slowly Uphill When Facing Flat Tires

zambia mtb repair

Swoosh! I fly down the hills outside of Lusaka, with a smile on my face and my hands on the breaks – but only lightly! I am finally really enjoying mountain biking in a country that’s not known for good single-track trails – or at least I haven’t found them yet. I’m spoiled with Carolina […]

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