Passing Peñas Blancas

As a traveler with way too many countries under my belt, most of the those entered overland, I’ve passed my share of borders. Some, like the one between Mongolia and China were a desolate spot only marked with barbed wire. Others, like the crossing between Thailand and Cambodia was a lesson is chaos theory as swarms of locals flowed effortless around border guards that plucked travelers from the stream.

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The Next Travel Generation

Alright Nicole, its time for you to get your feet wet. Its time for you to cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicraguaga, from your easy, protected travel, into the amazing, challeneing, solo world travling experience. Time for you to learn the very first and very needed skill – Taxi Mafia negotiation.

At every border, airport, and train station they will be there, waiting. They are the fastest and sometimes only, transport option for you, and its time to make aquaitenance with their sly ways.

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Me, 30 Years Ago

Hi little ones! Whatcha up to in Hostel Central? Is that geometry and creative writing? Are you doing schoolwork here? Does that mean you’re on the road with your parents? Are you traveling Central America for a year instead of sitting in class? Might you be me thirty years ago? Might this be an education of a lifetime.

Yes, Elijah, Chloe, and Jodi, you are having a life changing experience and you don’t even know it. I sure didn’t at your age. I was too young to realize that one day in Granada is equal to three days in Washington, DC. Maybe Pina and Andy know what they are giving you. Maybe they know how it will give your life priceless stories, dreams, confidence. Maybe you’ll be me one day, addicted to travel above all else.

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Good Morning Granada

Why do I travel now? I have seen so much, been so many places, that now where ever I go is compared to where ever I’ve been. This morning it’s Granada vs. Macau. Both are old and grand Iberian-influenced towns seemingly forgotten in the sands of time, left to mosey from 18th Century greatness to present day quaintness.

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San Jan del Snooze

Remember how I said beach towns are the same world wide? I was wrong. There are beach towns and then there are wanna-be beach towns. San Juan del Sul is in the latter category. Nestled in a tiny bay between two cliffs, it would seem at first glance to be a great beach town, except for one small problem: the beach.

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