San Jan del Snooze

I’m sleepy just writing about it!

Beachfront bars
Remember how I said beach towns are the same world wide? I was wrong. There are beach towns and then there are wanna-be beach towns. San Juan del Sul is in the latter category. Nestled in a tiny bay between two cliffs, it would seem at first glance to be a great beach town, except for one small problem: the beach.

With coarse brown sand blowing in choking gusts of constant offshore winds, a moment on the beach is long enough to cause sand-induced discomfort akin to a Malian hataman. A dip in the water reveals a rocky bottom and chilly temperatures, a mixed respite from the billowing sand.

It could be said that San Juan del Sul is not really a beach town, but a base from which to explore other, actual beaches nearby. If I were on a Costa Rican surf tour, or traveling with a hermana, both with my own transport, I might be happy. As I am doing neither, the small village fronting the beach does little to contain my attention. In the morning, I am on the move again, this time to Granada.