How I Saved a Marriage on a Frankfurt FRA Jetway

A thin gold band of love

So there I was, a Business Class flyer fighting the Economy Pax scrum to get on my FRA – IAD flight (where is the business/first separate entrance, LH?) and I’ve succeeded in getting through the boarding gate when I notice my shoelace came undone in the scuffle.

Kneeling down to tie it, I see this golden ring on the jetway floor. Being married myself, I instantly recognized it as a wedding ring and realized that soon there would be a heart attack on a flight with a loud: OH MY GOD! WHERE IS MY RING!!

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Endless Vodafone India Mobile Phone Spam

That’s text messaging spam

On my second day in Delhi, India, I bought a local SIM card from Vodafone India. Before the line activated to make an outgoing call, I got an inbound call. Picking it up, the caller surprised me – it was an automatic telemarketer call. Phone spam less than an hour after activation.

And the phone spam never stopped.

My entire time in India, I would get spam text messages and spam calls – 3-4 per day – in Hindi and in English promoting third party services and products. So it wasn’t even Vodafone spamming me through my mobile phone, but India’s version of late-night telemarketers.

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Sounds of Takeoff and Landing in Lufthansa Business Class on Boeing 747-400

Its different in business class

Traveling in business class is different in many ways from travel in economy class – especially in the sounds of takeoff and landing in a Boeing 747-400.

Business class in Lufthansa’s 747 jet airplanes is right up front, the forward portion of seating curving inward to form the nose of the aircraft. The forward business class seating, where I write this from is also just below the pilot cabin and above the forward landing gear.

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Delhi Metro Rail Mass Transit System: a Modern Taj Mahal

Beauty in construction scaffolding

The New Delhi mass transit system “Metro” is a modern Taj Mahal in its beauty, scale, and achievement for the nation of India. This I have come to believe after riding it through the city center and visiting its newest stations, still under construction.

First the act of riding the New Delhi Metro system

Unlike so much in India, the Ne Delhi metro system is amazingly efficient. You can buy a ticket from the automated kiosk or from a station attendant. Prices are dirt cheap – maybe $0.30 per ride, anywhere along the system. And well worth the money.

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Qatar Airways Review: Business Class and Economy Seats

Zoning out in exit-row seats

With the Eyjafjallajokull volcano ash covering Europe and canceling my Lufthansa Business Class flight to New Delhi, India via Munich, I had to switch to Qatar Airlines to make the Educational Technology Debate.

I’d never flown the airline before and there were few trip descriptions to guide me – but others gave Qatar Airways good reviews, so I decided to give them a shot. With the closure of most European airports, I didn’t have much choice.

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