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hire wayan vota in october

I’m proud to announce that USAID/Zambia is hiring a Zambian Digital Development Advisor to replace me. This is an awesome development. It shows the Mission is committed to digital development for the long term, and they will have a staff person able to dive into the minutia of ICT4D on a daily basis. Please apply if you qualify.

A clear shift to local tech4good expertise also means I can be public in my job search for the first time in 20 years.

Hire Me! I’m looking for a new job

I love my work designing a potential activity (that’s USAID speak for writing an RFP) for USAID/Zambia. I am also leading global AI efforts at USAID. Yet the 50% travel to Zambia is hard on my body and my family.

I’m excited to start a new role in October 2024 that builds on my comprehensive experience and has the following attributes. As you read this wish list, know it’s just that, a wish list. Like with job ads themselves, this is an idealized vision and subject to negotiation.

My employment wish list:

  • Lead a team – I loved leading teams to success at Deloitte, IntraHealth, and Inveneo, and my direct reports say I’m a good leader too. Management by objective and treating staff like you want to be treated really does inspire high-performing teams. Being an independent contributor is faster but doesn’t have the same camaraderie and impact.
  • Promote tech to achieve development outcomes – I trust you know me as a digital development leader in new and emerging technology. Did you also know I am deep into AI overall, with multiple GenAI technology and methodology accomplishments? If not, how can I express that better?
  • Work across sectors  – I can go deep in health, education, agriculture, economic development, democracy & governance, etc.  Yet I also believe there are many commonalities across sectors. We work in complex, interdependent systems and we to build collaborative interventions to reflect this reality.
  • Win proposals – I love the hunt and the win, and I have a long record of business development success – over $20 million per year. I also know all the gory sausage-making details that go into USAID procurements and I am deep into OAA rules and regulations for acquisition awards.
  • Be innovative – I’ve learned that the larger the company, often the slower it moves. So you may have more resources, but paradoxically, it’s harder for you to get things done. I’m thinking of either working in a small firm or in a purposely innovative section of a larger company where my entrepreneurial spirit can lead us to new markets and faster growth.
  • Global impact – I’d love to stay in international development in some capacity. It doesn’t have to be in the USAID/implementing partner world – recently I’m excited by private foundations – but I am not sure I’d survive on domestic impact alone. I’ve been to 87 countries so far and would love to see new ones.
  • Remote or hybrid – I promised my family we’re not leaving Chapel Hill until the kids graduate high school in 2028, but I can travel up to 30% domestic or internationally, including going into the office. Working remotely should not be an issue – I’ve been leading remote, globally-dispersed teams since 2004, and I have a great track record of managing up and across from afar.

So, whatcha think? Know of any roles like this – existent or potential? Got any pointers or opinions on these themes? Or should I be going in a whole other direction?

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