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back to blogging I go

Two awesome reasons to blog again

Why I Started Blogging

Way back in 1997, I started Belly Button Window to record my life. Not because I felt myself so special, but for the simple act of documenting this amazing journey so I can remember what happens.

That means I write first and foremost for me. Then I write for my kids, Hanalei and Archer, and their children, lest I not be there to tell these tales myself. I write because I know what its like to loose a Dad and realize what will never be.

Why I Stopped Blogging

Then in 2010 I stopped blogging my personal life. Why? I would like to say that it was my transition to a semi-professional blogger with multiple different websites to maintain. But in reality, I know exactly why I stopped. I joined Facebook.

Gone was the requirement to think about a post. To plan for text and pictures. To invest in formatting and hosting. I gave it all up to the all-mighty Facebook. As did you, and everyone else. It was so easy to quip and post, it became an addiction.

Back to Blogging I Go!

Now, eight years later, I’m recognizing the result of that addiction. Eight years gone from my online life. Oh there are bits here and there, and a giant trove behind the Facebook wall, but none out here, under my direct control.

So I started to cut down my Facebook usage in 2018, and now that its 2019, its time to go back to blogging. To enjoy long-form writing, and the craft of posting. To care about my personal online presence again.

I’m gonna start easy – one post a month. And we’ll see if we can get back to my best form: a weekly post of my off-line, real life experiences this big blue ball.

To all 5 of you who care, welcome back, and subscribe here to get updates.