Business is Booming in Kigali

2008 > Rwanda

Get your profit while you can!

rwanda business
The face of prosperity
While there may be a recession in the developed world, you would not know it standing in downtown Kigali, Rwanda. All I can hear is the sound of business. But why read my description? See the boom with your own eyes:

Now don’t get all crazy and sell everything to move to Africa. This specific economy is very donor dependent – around half the economy is donor funded, greatly warping the business climate.

At the same time, that donor funding, while committed for 2009, may be much less in 2010 as governments try to stimulate demand in their own homelands instead of rebuilding others. In fact, I think all of us in the NGO world should brace for an industry-wide depression starting in late 2009.

But until then, enjoy the profit margins. They’re stupid high in this donor economy.