How Many Hills in Kigali, Rwanda?

Start counting now

This is the question I have while sitting in the capitol of Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills”: how many hills are there in Kigali itself? To answer this question, I’m looking to Johnny and Patrick, two Kigali businessmen who should know exactly how many hills are in Kigali – and be able to name them all too.

If you, like I wonder if they have the answer, watch and learn:

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Business is Booming in Kigali

The face of success

While there may be a recession in the developed world, you would not know it standing in downtown Kigali, Rwanda. All I can hear is the sound of business.

Now don’t get all crazy and sell everything to move to Africa. This specific economy is very donor dependent – around half the economy is donor funded, greatly warping the business climate. Still, there is opportunity…

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