Ugandan Engagement and Wedding Ring Traditions

2008 > Uganda

Worldwide, women want engagement rings

wedding rings
Does Vicky want bling?
Vicky, a middle class Ugandan, is about to get engaged to her beau and I wondered if Ugandans had different traditions than Americans when it came to showing love for your spouse.

I noticed that some women had rings on different fingers and I asked Vicky to explain. Listen to her explain the Ugandan traditions for engagement parties and rings, and how they wear wedding rings after the big day.

We kept talking after this interview about the general courtship rituals for the Kampala middle class, and it’s interesting to note that they’re pretty similar to ours. People generally live apart until very near or after the wedding ceremony, and then they move into their own, often rented home.

Funny enough, that home doesn’t come with appliances we deem basic. You have to bring your own stove, refrigerator, and the like.