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Not everyone has Obamania in Kampala

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Crossing the border into Uganda, I was greeted by cheers of “Obama! Obama!” so I expected there to be universal love for Barak Obama here, as I found in Kenya’s endless Obama party.

Surprisingly, that was not the case. Ugandans had pretty divergent and contradictory opinions on the President-elect, from fanboys to skeptics, that I explored one night in Kampala.

First, let’s hear from two Ugandan women, one who says she has “no good feelings about Obama”:

Next up, we have two guys debating if Barak’s message of change was “all hype” or not. I say they are just jealous, wishing they could have Obama too. Watch the video to see if they are:

Now regardless of their respective opinions, I do love that there is such a vibrant debate about American politics in the middle of Africa. First that Ugandans are international enough to have informed opinions, and second that they can feel free to express them so passionately.

Not every country, in Africa or not, is so free.

One Comment on “Ugandan Opinions on Barak Obama

  1. Wayan! You very much know that Im a Ugandan! Can I tell you something,I have travelled this world,but I want to assure you that I find Uganda very unique. We say anything at any time. Its our President who introduced this when he came to power because that was the direct way to get to know what his people were going through. But when there is no freedom of speech,the president wouldn’t know. I feel confortable when Im there. Wayan you feel the same. You feel you are part of the community. You feel proud to be living. Everyone looks happy. No rush,life is easy to enjoy.
    I wish the west could invest in our countries,we wouldnt be in these harsh conditions of weather looking for future investments. Wayan,Im proud to be a Ugandan. Look at those genuine smiles on those ordinally girls! They dont want or need to fly jets but some little money to keep them confortable-jobs. Nice English,they can express themselves,but no jobs. Think of Europeans who cant speak any international language,they dont know the difference between ‘goodmorning’ and ‘how are you’ but they are free to get jobs across Europe. Think about training them for a job! Just signs as if they are deaf while the able ones are caged in Africa as if they are animals!! They are anyway!!! I hope Obama’s Dad did a big job to attract that beautiful girl from those ends thus SWEETHEART OBAMA existing. Americans! You are going to see what it means to be Black. That Guy Obama is going to show the world that really civilisation started in Africa. I dont know what God put in a black man when He was creating us. Long live Africa,Long live SWEETHEART Barak Obama. Baraka Obama,you are God chosen. Heal the world Mtoto Wa Mungu[Son Of God].