Wanna Learn English? Ask Heather

1997 > Peace Corps

Heather knows the way to conjugate a verb

find the american

Heather always kisses the air

Strangely enough there are Peace Corps Volunteers here in Moscow, and Heather is
one of them. She and I have argued about the role of PCV’s in the capital
of such a country, and until both doors of the stores remain unlocked during
business hours, I say we are needed here.

She fills an interesting role in this city. She is an English teacher at a
high school. Now there isn’t a lack of English teachers in this country,
but there is a lack of teachers in the schools. See Western companies,
like Price Waterhouse, offer $1,500 a month to English teachers to work as translators, guaranteed, versus $70-$100 occasionally paid by the schools to teach. Where would you work?

So now there are a dearth of English teachers outside of Western companies or universities. Heather, and the other PCV’s fill this gap by teaching English, a required business skill in this economy.

Heather’s school is quite cool. It is the School of Self-Determination,
so the kids self-determine to go nuts. Actually the kids decide what classes
they want to take, unlike most schools that tell the kids what classes they are
going to take. Heather’s kids are quite cool, and she lives off their
energy. I went to the school a few times, but now I don’t have the

One Comment on “Wanna Learn English? Ask Heather

  1. Hi! My name is Christina and I come from Austria! I would be very pleased if you help me to improve my English!
    I have some questions:

    1.) What’s the difference between “this” and “that”, “these” and “those”

    2.) what means “to go on nuts”

    3.) do you say “I want to become rich” or “I want to get rich”?

    4.) do you say “me too” or “so do I”
    is it grammatically right to say “me too”?

    5.) can you also say: “what’s the difference of smth?”

    6.) what’s the difference between: “only” “just” and “simple?

    I would be very happy if you write back!!!