Diana Will be a Yale Freshman

Diana rocks the Ryazan Educational Advising Center

Wayan, Diana, and Vlad

Me, Diana, & Vlad, chillin’

In Ryazan I was assigned to run a Educational Advising Center for the students
of the local universities. Actually saying I was to run it is an
overstatement. Diana runs the office, I was just to get the credit. She is
student at the local teacher’s university and she volunteers at the EAC to
improve her chances to get into an American university. She’s
aiming high with Cornell, Yale, and such. I wish her well, but the EAC is gonna
die when she leaves.

She is smart as a whip, and always on top of all the different programs going
on. Currently Diana is trying to expand the EAC into more of a worldwide
advising center, instead of the Amerocentric center it is now. She also
keeps all the other volunteers in line, advises students, and generally keeps
herself indispensable at the office.

On the left is a photo of Diana, another Russian volunteer at the EAC, Vlad, and myself laughing outside the Municipal Marriage Center, where we were attending a wedding.

No dad, I wasn’t getting married, I was just watching the wedding! There
are no church weddings here, just quick vows in front of the Justice of the
Peace, followed by a wreath laying tour of the city monuments, and a big party.

Now click on the photo to see a larger version so you can check out the wheels on the baby buggy in the background. I always
though is was overkill to have such big wheels on a baby carriage until winter
and the accompanying snow/slush came.