VBC Brewpub Tour – Steamworks Brewing

2008 > Canada

A beer tour of Vancouver, Canada

beer focused
Focused on the beer
Wow! Steamworks Brewing has a stunning view of Vancouver Bay and the snow-capped peaks that rise from the water beyond it. Better yet, Steamworks backs up that view with stunning beers.

I fell in instant love with the espresso stout, a dark, chocolaty, coffee beer that both woke my taste buds and my mind. Brett, ever the hops man, went with the IPA and was equally impressed. Both beers embodied the majestic scenery – both, distinctive, memorable.

While we were savoring the brews, the server convinced us to taste the yam fries. Salty, sweet, with a dab of oil, they were the perfect accoutrement to the beers. Sadly, she couldn’t find me a Band-Aid for my blistered feet, but by the time the second espresso stout disappeared, I didn’t care anymore.

Steamworks was the best Vancouver Brewpub Tour stop for me, easily beating all the rest, combined. Regardless, we had one more brewpub to visit: Dix Brewing.