VBC Brewpub Tour – Dix Brewing

2008 > Canada

A beer tour of Vancouver, Canada

Brett in heaven
Beer geek heaven
While I was not impressed with Dix Brewing, Brett was in total beer man heaven. In fact, our notes from Dix is entitled “FEST!!!”

First, every beer was all hopes, his favorite. Then, the master brewer was just hanging out at the bar and Brett bonded with him over a long, very beer geek conversation. I swear they were even comparing hops grown on different sides of Mount Hood.

Then, the brewer went down to the kegs still cooking and brought us up sample tastes from the schwartzbeer not even for sale yet. Brett’s brown beer was his favorite of the trip, and with the poutin – fries with gravy – he was fat and happy.

I was content with a lighter beer than my normal choice, it being the only non-hoppy alternative. I did enjoy the Saint Louis ribs, and so we both rolled out of Dix, and ended our Vancouver Brewpub Tour, quite content.

2 Comments on “VBC Brewpub Tour – Dix Brewing

  1. Thanks for a comprehensive report on the brew pubs of Vancouver BC. I was there almost a year ago and enjoyed the brewpub on Granville Island. Like you, I enjoy the ambers and wheat beers.

    You definitely chose a great city to visit on your 1st visit to the Great White North as an adult. I think I saw more fit people there than any place I’ve visited – everyone is biking, jogging. Hope you get a chance to take advantage when you return to the west coast.

  2. If you return to Vancouver for another beer trip, be sure to check out the Campaign for Real Ale Vancouver Web site to plan ahead. The Alibi Room is a must and you should not miss out on cask ale. Hope to see you visit us again!