VBC Brewpub Tour – Yaletown Brewing

2008 > Canada

A whole town of microbrews called me north

avoid if you can
Cheers to Yaletown
After we broke breakfast rules, Brett and I headed out to Yaletown Brewing for the next stop on our Vancouver Brewpub Tour.

Sadly, at first we were denied seating by Yaletown. Seems they require a food purchase if you want to drink beer in the restaurant. Full from breakfast, we declined and were seen to the bar. For our troubles, we got a free round, quickly cooling our frustration and making the beer taste even better.

Right about now, Brett and I realized that we had almost exact opposite tastes in beers. Brett loves hops. He may even eat them straight. I prefer more malt, and love me chocolate porters. At Yaletown, I had a wheat beer with lemon and Brett went with the Yippee IPA .

To our great horror a pair of cougars sat at the table next to us and ordered Bud Lights. While I have no issue with older women on the prowl – I enjoyed a few in my single days – to do so with a “light beer” changes the spectrum from fun to sad. I wanted to buy them both a stout!

Yet I refrained, and soon, with empty glasses in front of us, Brett and I left for the next inebriating treat: Steamworks Brewing