My Geek Dating Life Revealed

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Yes, geeking out gets the girlies coming in

geeking love
Geeks find love too!
As a professional geek, an uber-geek even, and the Director of Geekcorps, you might imagine that my obsession with technology has impacted my dating life.

And you are right. In ways un-noticed and obvious, my enjoyment of computers, my WiFi addiction, influences the way I interact with the fairer sex. I met my clock-stopping hottie online, on even, and yet she is often watching a movie alone as I sit next to her, oblivious to all as I type away on one website or another.

But just how might my geekdom affect my overall dating life? Listen to my interview with Free Software Macedonia geeks, and learn:

Yep, my geeking out, my obsessive online content creation actually helps my dating life. Or so I hope!

4 Comments on “My Geek Dating Life Revealed

  1. Do you think all the time in front of the computer screen is affecting your hair loss?

    I know three friends who are serious computer geeks, and they have all begun to bald a great deal, very early in their lives. Just curious as to your thoughts on the matter? Honest question. Have you noticed this?

  2. Previous commenter: sorry, male pattern baldness is determined by genetics. you get it from your father’s side of the family.

    Wayan, loved the video. Having followed your blog since you were in Russia, it’s nice to see the ‘real’ you. One can see why you’re always hanging with the hotties.

  3. Hair loss? Who has hair loss? Not me!!

    But I do worry about eyesight. That I find is much more the common denominator among geeks. Note that most of the Macedonian geeks wear glasses and I should too.

  4. I had the glasses too (since 2nd grade) until I had my eyes zapped by lasers. Some of the best money I ever spent.