Freestyle Vlogging From Downtown Skopje

2007 > Macedonia

A vignette of Skoplje’s Macedonia Plaza

xmas in macedonia
Plaza center Christmas tree
macedonian beauties
Macedonians walking by
macedonian hotties
Macedonians close up
Might you wonder what its like to stand in Skopje’s central square? The open space at the center of town where everyone meets, greets, and begins their social scene for the weekend?

Luckily, during my hectic scrambling from one meeting to another with Eight Shoe Sue, I paused in Macedonia Plaza long enough to give you a taste of urban living in Southern Europe:

From this plaza, famous for the Stone Bridge over the Vardar River, where you can have a noon-time epiphany, a myriad of walking streets spiral off in every direction.

In the next vlog from Skopje, join me on the main walking street, Makedonija Street, where I entertain you a few passing by locals with my vlogging antics:

While you can tell it’s a cold day in the neighbourhood, other days were much nicer, Al Gore Spring nice.