Lets Get Ethnic Then

2005 > Senegal

And my guayabera equals your boubou any day

all here
Swank, we are
Its Friday in Senegal and than means its time to go ethnic, in clothing that is. Friday is the day that Muslims here are called to the mosque to pray so they break out their finest boubou to show respect. Catching wind of this, I broke out my own ethnicity and wore a guayabera to work today.

It was interesting seeing how everyone switched effortlessly from Western attire to their traditional clothes, they use the term ‘ethnic’ instead of traditional, and yet acted the same. For me, the change was jarring. One day I am talking to man in a suit and tie, the next day he is in a boubou.

Still, rolling with the local culture, when everyone went to the mosque to pray at 1pm, I headed to my own church, the beach, and prayed to my god, the sun. It is a great Friday afternoon tradition if you ask me, one that I would love to bring Stateside – Friday afternoons off to celebrate life.

I’ll take mine on the beach, with a beer, thank you very much!

5 Comments on “Lets Get Ethnic Then

  1. You are looking exotic and handsome standing with your friends, Wayan!

  2. Wayan,

    Glad to see you are still grogeous and still travelling! For now I will have to enjoy my travels through you – keep going x

  3. Hm!What alovely snap.And how you chose to be near the cutie!I really trust you.But good enough,you showed politeness by holding your hands at your back so that they’d not rebell agaisnt you.Man,you try!Keep it up!
    Now you are luck that you can’t drive long miles looking for your god[sun].He is with you in plenty.So use this chance to ask him what you really want in life.I hope he will raelly give it to you.
    Enjoy Wayan.Pray for us here,we are freezing.At times we are in -degrees!

  4. Wayan,

    Me encanta su camisa! I love your shirt! My abuelito has one just like it! You look very handsome in it.