Beautiful Beach Blanket Bingo

I only hope your beach blanket is so blessed

great people
fun times
What could be better than one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Balneario Sun Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico? What could be better than being on Sun Bay at Christmas time, soaking up the suns rays with a cold beer and a good book?

How about sharing that beach blanket of perfection with two clock-stopping hot beauties?

Yes, I found my own version of Puerto Rican Gold – two gorgeous women that are willing to tolerate my presence in this tropical paradise.

First up is Mom. She is my inspiration, the reason I travel and the instigator of this different holiday destination. I may have picked Puerto Rico, but it was she who proposed we don’t do another Vero Beach vacation, that we go somewhere new and different for the Christmas holidays.

Then there is Amy. She is my girlfriend. Yes, you read that right, Wayan has a girlfriend. And before the peanut gallery pipes up with laughter and commentary, I know full well it’s about time I dropped the supermodel quiver for a standout lady.

I just hope the girlfriend-on-the-website curse doesn’t happen this time. The eerie coincidence of hotties dropping me cold around the time I write about them (flatteringly of course).

Now I only hope your beach blanket is so blessed, for I know I feel lucky. No, make that wealthy, rich beyond my imagination. I am alive, healthy and happy, with great people and good times on a lush tropical isle.

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m very proud of you for finally taking your balls out of your purse, getting a girlfriend, and proudly displaying her beauty and charms to the online world. BRAVO! Hi Amy! Hope to see you two for another happy hour again soon…this time WITH an engagement ring on my finger! xo