Flat Tire Fixing Freak

2006 > Puerto Rico

Lug nuts to car jacks, I got it down!

lefty, loosy
Off with the nuts!
When you think of Puerto Rico, do you think of flat car tires? I didn’t think so, but so far today, I think I should have.

Out for my morning run around Old San Juan, what do I find at Paseo la Princesa but a tourist with a flat car tire? Worse, one who seems not to have a clue how to change it.

While he is on the phone telling the car rental agency he’s missing the tire iron, I reach into his trunk and find it instantly. Then, as he’s jacking up the car after I loosened the lug nuts, the car rolls back on the jack. Tourist-boy hadn’t put on the parking brake.

While he watched, I changed his tire, saving him the grease and perspiration that soon covered me. Not that I minded. I was out for a run to begin with and being car-free DC, its fun to do car maintenance once a year.

Car tire replaced, and the little emergency tire holding up, off the random tourist drove leaving me to think that was the end to my annual car fixing moment.

Then Mom and I decided on the Bacardi rum tour. On the way there, our Puerto Rican publico (a shared taxi that’s much cheaper than a San Juan Taxi Mafia) started making funny noises. As we pulled over, the stink of rubbed-away rubber confirmed my suspicions: it was another flat tire fixing call to action.

Out of the van I jumped, and off it the flat tire I took. Not wanting to melt into a pool of sweat before my waiting afternoon drink, I let the capable driver put on the new tire while I retired to the shade to watch.

Now that this day has passed, I have only one wonder: How many flat tires await me in my Puerto Rican vacation future?