Time for a Spring Haircut

2009 > America

How do you like the new buzz cut look?

after my haircut
What I looked like then
after my haircut
What I look like now
As a young man, I enjoyed long hair. Midway down my back in a long pony-tail, my hair signified my membership in the surfer tribe. We were the beach bums who could grow our hair long and enjoy the day, unrestricted by convention or conformity.

Fast forward a few years, and my hair was short – clipped to get my first job and kept short thereafter for ease as much as employment. In Russia, I started spiking my hair up, but by this century, it was time to leave youth and keep it short and contained.

Then I started to loose my hair. I went from a widow’s peak to receding hair at my temples. And my frustration with my hair increased as its coverage decreased. Starting a year ago I kicked around the idea of shaving my head. Getting rid of all my hair out of annoyance as well as acquiescence to advancing age.

So with spring in the air and change in the wind, it was time to take thought into practice with a mid-afternoon shearing:

Yes, that was Amy trimming my scalp, and I am now sporting a buzz cut worthy of the Marine Corps. Its definitely a new look for me. Question is: do you like it?

8 Comments on “Time for a Spring Haircut

  1. I vaguely recall, many years ago in a far off land, you busted my chops on how short I wore my golden locks. Fast forward a decade and the man is now shaving his crown.

    I laughed my ass off as did my associate. I think I even saw you shed a tear. Besides a loving wife, ROGAINE is the middle aged man’s best friend, give it a try!

  2. I want to personally thank you for cutting your hair. Here at the Bay House, we have a problem with certain bugs this time of year. I am confident that placing your new picture on the refrigerator will keep these pesky pests out of the kitchen. You have allowed me to go Green in my attempt to rid the kitchen of bugs. Thank you.

  3. I’m really sad you didn’t leave the sides or make a pillow out of the shavins.’

  4. You’ve got a nice head, Wayan, a feature sadly not enjoyed by just any bald guy. It’s about time you started showing it off :)!

  5. ah, hair–no hair – who cares – as long as you have your golova na plechah!