The GMAT Grindstone

2000 > England

Learning Russian was easier than this damn GMAT test!

Sample GMAT Questions
Two cars start out with one car 104
miles to the east of the other car.
The car which was originally to
the east of the other car travels east at a speed of 34 miles per hour
and the other car travels south at a speed of 25 miles per hour.
How many miles apart are the cars
after 4 hours?
a. 136
b. 236
c. 260
d. 290
e. 408
Until recently anecdotal evidence
began to suggest otherwise, most scholars regarded Emily Dickinson to
be a somewhat neurotic recluse.
Is this sentence incorrect, and
if so, how would you write it correctly?
Answers: c, and ‘as a
somewhat neurotic recluse.’
Okay, it’s been a month since I last wrote, for my life is not always as
exciting as it appears. In the downtime, I re-redesigned my CV and
consequently, went for a few interviews. Each interview lasted for around
90 minutes, which I take as a good sign, though no one is waving cash in
front of me just yet.

While I’m waiting for the UK market to realize what an amazing resource
is available to them, I’m working on two other projects. First, I am
taking a Kaplan course to prepare my undisciplined mind for the GMAT test,
which is required by most MBA schools.

I don’t know about you, but its been a long time since I dealt with
multiplying fractions, dividing square roots, or figuring out those
classic ‘If train A left station 1 at 10 am traveling 40 km/hr and
train B left station 2 at 11 am traveling at 60 km/hr.’ questions.

I have the language part down pat with three year’s of practice writing
for you, and that’s really what got me the 550 score on the practice test.
I hope the $1,000 I’m paying for a month of classes will get me into the
coveted 700-800 range in which B-schools will not look so closely at my
sad undergrad GPA.

Interestingly enough, I will not be applying for grand schools until
late next year although I am taking the GMAT now. I figure Jingmei and I
need a year’s rest at least between her schooling and mine to keep the
stress and separation from destroying our relationship. I’m thinking of
going to Thunderbird’s or U of South Carolina’s International Masters of
Management programs, neither of which are located near big cities.

In other news, I’m looking into a new technology sweeping Europe. I
don’t know how wide-spread WAP is in the USA, but here, the computer
language is all the rage, for it converts Internet websites to cell-phone
viewable sites. If I can scrape together another $2,500 (courses ain’t
cheap here!) I’m gonna study the language in a class with the goal of
designing websites for big bucks.

I’m not sure if that would fit in with my overall career plans though.
I do not relish the idea of typing code for a living. I’d much rather
manage those who do, so I can spend my time at what I do best, schmoozing
with clients, investors, and fun folks like you.

Enough of my rambling, its Monday, so get back to work!

— November 30, 2000 Update —

hey! I didn’t do too bad after all. My 650 is good enough for
the International MBA’s I was hoping for. Actually, it’s damn good,
and I might even try for Harvard! (just kidding)