The Dupont Circle of Life

2002 > America

Dupont Circle completes the cycle of life

whirling & twirling those flags
and let the show begin!
now that is tasty!
look! gym bunnies
religion to the masses
now join us in prayer
I love Washington DC. It’s such a livable city, with four mild seasons, manageable population density and an amazing number of tress and parks, of which Dupont Circle is my hands down favorite.

Only in Dupont Circle can you have such a variety of experiences and visions, all while relaxing under big shade trees or sun tanning on the grass. Just take in the scene on this wonderful summer day:

First, there is the Flag Man doing his color guard mating dance as his twirls two big green and white flags around to show off his tight, nipple-pierced body. Then there are the more subtle gym bunnies, which pose in strategic places throughout ‘The Circle’ as the park is informally known, to show off all the hours they spend pushing iron.

Oh, before you think its only gay men out here, let me tell you about the many dog walkers, introducing their multitude of mutts, from rats with hair to small horses, to each other & the many trees & shrubs. The descend in random masses, releasing a chorus of barks and yelps that sometimes actually over-rides the chorus of Mennonites singing hymns to convert us sinful heathens.

Now the drummers, with their Afrikan to Caribbean beats, would drown out the Mennonites, but the two usual don’t compete as they take turns, with the Mennonites singing on Saturday and the drummers playing on Sunday. Yes, there is always harmony in The Circle, even when there aren’t organized melodies, for the fountain in the middle of the park keeps a steady rhythm as the cars that drive around the circle add peaks & valleys of white noise to the background.

As I sit here, relaxing with my friends Matt & Scott, rapping about current events, neighborhood hood gossip, and our respective lives, we’re soaking in the scene and admiring my newly painted toe nails (a whole other story).

Passing through the Circle, are a parade of characters that provide an endless cornucopia of different styles and unique sights. From the casual city day trippers, in awe of the variety, to jaded & pierced kids in need of a bath and new clothes, each group keeps us riveted to the flow of foot traffic, and makes the Circle a visual feast worthy of the best promenades anywhere.

Industrious bums, hustling for cash in their many ways wander by, stopping only long enough to see we’re regulars, immune to their scams. They usually slowly make the circuit, moving on to the permanent chess players to our left, then the commuters pausing for a break on the other side of the circle, skipping the bike couriers trading stories and spliffs, stopping to catch up with friends asleep on benches, and finally heading back our way looking for fresh prospects.

And the Dupont Circle of life continues.

One Comment on “The Dupont Circle of Life

  1. The Dupont Circle of Life

    This phrase of yours was running through my head on Friday. It was a beautiful day where the sun was warm even if the air was still slightly chilled (just how I like my cheap red wine).

    I cut out of work early to try and suck in all that an impending spring day had to offer. So what did I do? I headed downtown. Meant to make it to the Cherry Blossoms, but got extremely sidetracked on the way (damn that H&M store at Metro Center!).

    After trekking from Metro Center to Farragut to DuPont on foot, I needed a break. I stopped in your friendly local Starbucks (which wasn’t all that friendly and was definitely overrun with the masses like me), got a cup of joe, and proceeded to make my way to the Circle. And there I sat. Just breathing and watching and smiling. It really was a visual feast.

    It was a good place and a good day and I thought of those words above from your website. Just wanted to tell you.

    Hope you’re well and good.