A LAX Layover Done Right

Not about to have the same four hours of boredom and sobriety, on my way back through LAX and facing a five hour layover this time, I decided to go for it, to make a run to Venice Beach and soak up a few ocean side drinks. I also took exacting notes to record the experience, in case anyone else has a long hour layover at LAX and wants to make out with hotties instead.

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How I Survive 13 Hour Flights

As I look out the window of this EVA Airlines flight from LAX to TPE (that’s Los Angles and Taipei for those not down with FlyerTalk) and I notice that we are racing across the Pacific faster than the sun – the sun is slowly setting in the east as we get farther ahead of it – I feel compelled to share how I survive my globetrotting flights.

First and foremost is acceptance of economy class travel. The flight is going to be long, it’s going to be boring, the food will be bad, the smell worse, and you will be cramped in a tiny seat next to an armrest hog or incessant talker, and in front of a hyper seat-kicking kid.

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LAX Sucks After 10pm

So this is how it starts, eh? My twenty-four day odyssey through Taiwan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka for my cool international job. It starts with a plane full of California Junior High School students rowdy after a week of vacation in Washington, DC.

What I hoped would only be five hours of annoyance became seven when we waited on the runway for a storm to pass. Luckily, as this was the flight home, they were subdued hooligans, heading home tired.

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