LAX Sucks After 10pm

2006 > America

That’s even the name of a WiFi signal there!

quiet, please
Little hooligans, all
The Encounter – closed @ 10pm!
So this is how it starts, eh? My twenty-four day odyssey through Taiwan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka for my cool international job. It starts with a plane full of California Junior High School students rowdy after a week of vacation in Washington, DC.

What I hoped would only be five hours of annoyance became seven when we waited on the runway for a storm to pass. Luckily, as this was the flight home, they were subdued hooligans, heading home tired.

Still, after seven hours in a steel tube and looking at thirteen more, on arrival in Los Angles I was tired of passengers and wanted to be with drinkers. Too bad for me, in some horrid thoughtless act of traveler hatred, LAX restaurants close at 10pm, including The Encounter!. Worse yet, they close all the bars too, and I was forced to buy my dinner and beer at “Sushi Boy”.

How can any airport of repute, especially one so self-absorbed as LAX, not serve alcohol 24×7? Or hey, at least till 2am like any other self-respecting establishment? How dare they force passengers to fly sober! That’s inhumane treatment covered in the Geneva Convention.

I can only agree with the WiFi hotspot I found next to my EVA airlines departure gate: LAX Sucks.