School Buses Signal Dawn in Amman, Jordan

2010 > Jordan

Dawn in Amman, Jordan

In a Muslim country like Jordan, you would expect dawn to be marked by the Imam’s call to prayer. This morning I went for a marathon training run through the hills of Amman, and I found a whole other call to action: school bus horns.

Driving up and down the residential streets I was sweating on, were swarms of school buses. Yellow-orange, and honking at homes with sleepy children, these buses were the true markers of dawn for this section of the city.

Dawn school bus in Amman, Jordan

I can only assume these are private school buses – I am staying in a nice part of town and the homes looked too impressive for public school children. Yet, I am sure some from of student transportation was in effect in every neighbourhood.

Best of all, these buses and their cargo of children is a great reminder that Jordanians love their children too.