Russian DJ’s Try Disco

1997 > Russia

No shout-out to the Moscow DJ’s!

Last night, well actually early this morning, I went to a club called Pilot.
It was cool, not as cool as some clubs I’ve been to, but it held its
own. With a strip tease, video screen, and an actual airplane hanging
from the ceiling, it had atmosphere. Unfortunately it also had a local

As far as I can tell, there is good music here, I’ve seen it at
Fili Park and I’ve heard it on the radio,
though I am still searching for it in the clubs. Ok, the clubs, on
occasion, do play good music, Pilot did for a bit last night, but on the
whole, any good song is destroyed by the DJ. Their style is horrible!

A good DJ will have a selection of songs that give a certain energy to the
dance floor. In a random club it is usually slow song, followed by
progressively faster songs, ending with a very popular and danceable song.
Then the DJ will pick a bit slower song and work down the list until
he is back with a slow song, never repeating himself in the night. A
good DJ will also mix the song together so you cannot tell where one ends
and the next begins, leaving you with the impression of one continuous song
progressively changing.

None of these rules apply here. Many DJ’s firmly believe in playing
“Prodigy,” “Staying Alive,” “Jump,” and “I Will Survive,” in one night, in
that order. You never know what speed or tempo the next song will be,
with DJ’s jumping all over the musical spectrum without notice, but with
extreme repetition. I once heard the exact same sequence of four songs
twice in one night. Last night the DJ at Pilot enjoyed putting slow
songs, as in slow dance songs, in between rave and techno songs. What
a contrast! He was better than average in mixing the songs reasonably
well, unlike the Propaganda DJ who even leaves a
moment of silence between each song.

I would love to import a good DJ from the States for a month, just so the
local DJ could listen and learn. The Moscow club scene would be all
the better with a good DJ education. Calling DJ-3 and Masterful Mike!