It’s Damn Cold!

1997 > Russia

Brrr! You wander the streets when its -30 C!

I wanted to burrow underground on this day
This past week Moscow broke a few records for record cold,
and unfortunately I was here to experience it! Now this is Moscow,
not know for its tepid climate, but -30C is a bit ridiculous. It
was so cold, my breath was taken away when I walked outside. Little
crystals would form on my beard and on my eyelashes, making the walk
to/from the metro a bit surreal.

I weathered the cold as best I could, with a the grace I could
muster. I put ski pants over my slacks, a thick leather jacket
over my blazer, a thick scarf around my neck, and my wool fez on my
head. I wasn’t quite the Michilen Man, but I didn’t have it
together as some of the winter hardened Russians. My favorite are
the men who do not wear hats on the coldest of days. I am the
first to take off my hat, for I hate hat hair, but these freaks will
walk around on a -30C day bare headed! Luckily there are babushkas
who will loudly remind them of their need for headgear as they beat the
men over their bare noggins with any available object. It is quite a
sight, a 4ft grandma hitting a 6ft full grown man upside the head with a
broom, and the man runs from her!

Today the air is warm, only -8C, and I walked home with my coat open,
trying not to sweat. That is the other quandary here, how not to
sweat in winter. All the homes are very warm, usually about 75F
all winter long, and the metro never gets below 80F, so coming from the
snow with a good walk and a thick coat, I usually strip down to my shirt
to keep form being sticky wet until I exit the metro 30 minutes later.
Of course the Russians do not share this same aversion to
sweat/stink and think I am insane for disrobing on the metro. Too

All this cold weather has made me desire a vacation in a place where
the isn’t a word for snow in their language. I am thinking Afrika
in February. Maybe India. Somewhere I only need a pair of
shorts, not even a shirt or shoes, and I can sunbathe all day long!
Any suggestions? Email me.