Puerto Rican Gold

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At the end of a tropical rainbow

the good life
Mom caught her gold
What might you say to a sunny day in December? A sunny day you spend relaxing on a beautiful beach? A beach, warm, sunny, tropical, which is also still America? You might say “Florida” or “Hawaii” but would you say “Puerto Rico”?

I know I am saying “Puerto Rico” right about now. It’s the start of my Christmas vacation and I’m on Puerta de Tierra, a beautiful beach in Old San Juan the same afternoon I left cold, wet Washington DC.

Better yet, Mom is headed this way too. She’s joining me for two weeks of fun, sand, and sun on this interesting “Free Associated State”. Yes, Puerto Rico is part of the United Sates, everyone is a citizen and you do not need a passport. But like Washington DC, they do not have voting representation in Congress.

They cannot vote for Presidents either, but at least they do not have to pay US income taxes. Mom and I are voting with our feet and our wallets. Out go the crisp greenbacks, in come rum, wine and a good time.

Now there is still work involved. I’m concentrating on regaining my deep summer tan, a quest that requires much beach lounging and body-trimming morning runs. Mom is focused on learning her history, seeing the sights, and catching up on her chick-lit.

Together, it’s going to be two weeks of Puerto Rican gold. May your vacations be as rich too.

3 Comments on “Puerto Rican Gold

  1. No- way! I’m going to be in Puerto Rico, too! What a coincidence! Hopefully we can meet up and drink some of that rum, enjoy the sun and have some fun together!

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful photo. I hope my vacations one day are just as rich as yours! I will be working 26th-29th, but that’s okay. I love living vicariously through your experiences and amazing moments. I hope you always stay as excited (even if you are a bit jaded) about life.

    This is great because now I don’t have to rush your holiday card to you, as you won’t get it until the new year!

    Happy holidays my fellow free bird.

  3. Just finished reading your adventures in PR. I came across it searching for possible vacation spots to take my Mom for Christmas instead of the typical one. I’ve recently retired and am single and finding somewhere to take you Mom is difficult.

    PR sounds great-definitely an option at this point. I was tired of Christmas when they started decorating the city and throwing sales out during Halloween! Have a great holiday, enjoy the time with Mom! Merry Christmas and safe travelling!