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It’s Monday night, and while you might think it’s a sleepy night, in Washington DC that can mean only one thing: Wonderland‘s Monday Night Trivia Fight.

Like a live game of Trivial Pursuit, where teams compete for free drinks instead of pie pieces, Monday Night Trivia Fight is all about knowing fun, interesting, and usually very obscure facts that the host dug up before the game.

Monday it was yours truly wielding the microphone, tossing out questions and commentary DC Metblogs style, making folks laugh, cry, and scratch their head in wonder. Here’s a few stumpers for ya (and no fair using Google cheat codes!)

  • What are Washington’s three official “Sister Cities”?
  • What country’s army, defending against a Soviet invasion, named its crude gas bombs “Molotov cocktails” after a Soviet politician?
  • What is Washington’s Mayor for Life, Marion S. Barry, Jr’s middle name?
  • What suicide method did Kiyoko Matsumoto, a 19 year old Japanese student, use in 1933 to kill himself, that started a bizarre fashion in Japan that had 300 kids doing the same thing in the ensuing months?
  • The Moon Treaty or Moon Agreement, was finalized in 1979 and entered into force for the ratifying parties in 1984. Name any two countries that ratified it.

Get any of those? If you did, you’d get a point for reach right answer. Then, whichever team of five or less players has the most points after seven rounds of ten questions, wins the grand prize: Their bar tab is comp’ed by Wonderland. They also get a surprise gift along with the second place team. The loosing team doesn’t go home empty though, they get to pick a subject for the next week’s game.

Oh and creativity is prized in all aspects of Monday night trivia Fight. If you have the best team name, you win your own special prize. The most creative answer gets a free Corona, and as always, you’re your funny hat.

Just remember, before you show, break out Trivial Pursuit the day before. You’ll need the 24 hour warm up to win.

Wonderland Ballroom
Monday Night Trivia Fight
Monday’s, 7-9pm @ 1101 Kenyon Street NW
Washington DC

2 Comments on “Monday Night Trivia Fight

  1. out of laziness and curiosity – what are the answers to those questions? please and thank you =)

  2. Will you be MCing every Monday from now on? Can you institute a prize for funny hats?