Michael Jackson is Alive in Nigeria!

2009 > Nigeria

All those reports of Michael Jackson’s recent demise? Faked! The King of Pop is not dead, he’s now a King Cop in Abuja, Nigeria, directing traffic with the moves that made him famous. Doubt me? Then just watch this video:

Do you see those moves? That style and spin? There is only one person who has that Thriller move, those Billy Jeans – its him, Michael Jackson! Believe me or beat it!

2 Comments on “Michael Jackson is Alive in Nigeria!

  1. I know that traffic cop well! Seen him many times and he is a riot!

    I’ve seen him in two places. Sometimes at the intersection near the Hilton and then on the road from the Hilton going towards the Sheraton I think.

  2. Hahaha! I think i know this guy. It was hilarious for a while, but now it’s tiring lol