Lebanon – Here I come!

In four days for two weeks no less!

go Tarek!
IESC Official Luggage
It’s 4pm today, and I’m in a meeting with the VP of Field Operations and the CFO of my company. We’re talking about this new Geekcorps program we just won in Lebanon – Access to International Markets through Information Technology (AIM-IT), and how the VP is going to Beirut to start the program Monday.

I’m excited, for not only does this project mean Geekcorps doubles again in size, but that I get to go to Lebanon in January to start the programmatic cycle of the project. Or so I thought.

My boss, talking about the size of the program and the need to get things going says to the CFO “It is more work than I can do in two weeks. Wayan, can you go to Lebanon with me on Monday for two weeks?” Ha! Me? Lebanon? Two weeks? Monday? There is only one answer:

“Hell Yes!”

So that’s how it works in Wayan’s world. Here I am thinking I’m here in DC till December 22, fighting snow till I can sneak down to Florida and wham! It’s off to Lebanon I go! Ten days of nonstop work of course, all day talking shop with IT companies there, and getting back to the hotel just in time to manage all my work here. I’ll still be back on the 22nd, but only long enough to go from Dulles to National via a quick change of clothes and suitcases for Florida.

Wait, thinking of that, I need to get a new suit or two. My two suits from my Pricewaterhouse days are rather dated and threadbare. That and a few dozen other things I’ll need to do before Monday.

I better get started on them now.

  1. Congratulations! Very excited for you. Good luck only comes to those who work hard and earn it. You did good. Have a safe one, dude.

  2. wayan!!! hey its ur cousin (twice removed> VICTORIA! i was “surfing the web” as some may call it and i thought i might drop in and say hi! how are you? where r ya livin now…last i talked to u u were mad about ur rent in DC haha! hows life? im interested in what ur doing now and if ur stilll in the geek corps.? highschool is fun but my life is kinda hectic right now. im sure u could just imagine, u were once there too. tommorow is the last day of the semester and weve been taking finals>i cant stand school!
    but i just wanted to see how u have been. write back

    send my love to your mom!
    love victoria

  3. Hey Victoria!

    I’m in Beirut, Lebanon for two weeks – through Dec 23, and then will be off to Florida for two weeks with Mom. Glad High School is hectic – better than boring. Beirut is hectic too, so much work, so little time.

    I’ll write you a personal email when I’m chilling on the beach in Vero.

  4. Bad news everyone! I’m afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!

  5. Whatcha talking about Mitchelton? I’m here, dry, and alive. Here being Florida as I just completed a 26 hour, four flight, three continent, sorrie back to Mom for Xmas.

    New posts after I un-cramp my legs.

  6. lol, jet lag.

    heh, thought i’d stop by the site u gave me from the party. wow, pretty interesting i must admit. well, im off to read some more of this site *the rest of the 60 something countries/ trips*. alright, laters.

  7. I love to hear the word Middle East. Nowonder that’s where religion started from.
    With beauty,I just give them a tick. And when it comes to politeness,Jesus!Talk about their height,the smile,etc,etc. Atleast I have ever ‘seen’one from there.So if I’m called today to join another world that we will all go after stealing all the riches {oil}from the Middle East,I will confess to the Angel concerned to forgine me,but honestly,these are the people to be admired.They are irresistable.I think they have got a reason why they don’t wear the inner gadgets,but wear the long ones.Long live Middle East,Long live all those that like it.