Internet Cafes Are Everywhere

Those bits and bytes are everywhere!

Today I am in Toglatti, Russia’s version
of Detroit, where the AvtoVaz factory produces over 50% of the cars sold
in Russia. Tomorrow I am to leave for the birthplace of Lenin, Olyanysk, but I am a little sad.

The only way to surf in RussiaAfter searching for the last few days, in a number
of cities along the Volga, I’ve finally found an Internet access point where
I can surf at the speed I am accustomed to: fast.

How most Russians surf

Actually, I should just be thankful I can access the net at all. Russia didn’t
have many computers and no Internet a few years ago. The technology has dispersed
throughout this part of the country pretty fast and with decent results.

Ok, so the connections are usually numbingly slow, nothing close to the 55k/cable
modems I’ve heard about in the states, and the computers are not always modern,
I saw a IBM 286 (remember those?) chugging away at email the other day, but
at least there is an internet here.

It may not be for long though. The Russian FSB (the domestic successor to
the KGB), is starting to enforce a law where internet service providers have
to give the FSB unlimited access to all emails and websites going in and
out of each server, and more harmfully, the ISP’s are required to supply
the computers and the training for the FSB to do so!

Until that day, I’m gonna be happy with the odd setups I find on my way,
like this spot. Two computers sitting at the bottom of a stairwell in a Russian
“mall”, available for $2 an hour. Great price for the speed!

  1. i totally agree with your point of view. in my recent trips to Russia i noticed a lot internet cafes. i feel that the true culture of the country is being modernized by a plaguing western influence.