Good Times @ Galle Face

2006 > Sri Lanka

Time keeps slipping into Sri Lanka

Prawns and crackers
surf's up!
Beach time
poor pony
Wanna ride?
What a beautiful Sunday in Ceylon. The ocean breeze keeping everything cool, the skies a deep blue, a perfect time to enjoy the ocean. While others may ride the beachside rails, many in Colombo head down to the waterfront boardwalk at Galle Face Green.

With an open park on one side and the ocean on the other, the boardwalk becomes a whole attraction in itself if just for the people watching. I quickly grabbed a chair at one of the plentiful street food vendors, ordered a whole seafood meal, and checked out the view.

I watched as little kids ran into the ocean as waves receded, only to come screaming out as the next wave came in. Parents, laughing hard yet wading shallow, gossiped in the fading light.

A pony galloped by, little rider holding on fast as the pony’s owner ran next to both and shouted encouragement. Back the pony came later, sans rider but with a laughing owner. Boys in packs wandered one way while girls in groups strolled the other, with timeless looks and laughs between the groups, giving pause to one gaggle or the other.

Here, there, a tourist family walked past, either just off the plane and pasty white, or been there a few days a sun-burnt red, and both swiveling heads constantly to take in the sights, the sounds, of the Galle Face Green.

Me, I ate my fresh sea bass dressed with a tangy mango sauce and side of little dried fish and prawns on crackers while fighting back the very aggressive ravens.

The moment I turned form my plate, only to talk with another patron, one bird swooped in and grabbed my fish’s head. Another made for the prawns but a quick shove and the birds moved away from the madman who doesn’t share his food with those feathered.

Still, it was a very pleasant night and a great end to a good time in the land of Ceylon. Next week it is back to the USA via one more day in Typhoon Taipei.