Careening Around Colombo

2006 > Sri Lanka

The only way to travel in sweaty style

go faster
Wave to other fools
my bling bling
How I roll out SL Style
Did you have a tricycle when you were young? Maybe a red one you were excited to pedal around the neighbourhood? Welcome to its adult cousin, the motor-tricycle or autorickshaw, Sri Lanka’s premier transportation vehicle.

Okay, so maybe its not the premier vehicle, Mercedes still has that title, but the autorickshaw, sometimes called a Bajaj is definitely the most fun. With a tiny engine, even smaller back compartment for two, and no safety features what so ever, it’s a thrill to ride.

I took many in my time in Sri Lanka, preferring it’s loud, hot, and dangerous ride to the boring and yet efficient hotel taxis. Surprisingly, they cost about the same as a hotel taxi, or at least for me, the foreigner.

Now you might imagine that a autorickshaw driver might me caution, being only a thin sheet of metal from impact at any time, but you would be wrong. These drivers are the most daring and wild in Sri Lanka, almost to Kenyan mautu driver levels.

If I lived in Sri Lanka, you know I would have one of these myself, but I would get a deluxe model and go all bling bling with it. Think “Pimp My Ride” autorickshaw style.

I wonder if you can stretch limo one and put a hot tub in the back?