Freaks on the Streets

For a while there, I was being followed by giant rats!

enough to scare the kids away from juice forever
The J-7 Rat and I
The Tetley Tea guy and I

Another freak besides me
Moscow is scary! You never know who your going to
meet on the street, and how drunk their gonna be. I’ve seen some
frightenly drunk people stumble by in my time here. Public
drinking is overlooked, public urination is only slightly discouraged,
and public altercations are frequent but short.

So it is no surprise that I ran into a string of freaks in one week.
First, as I was walking with another PCV, Ariel, I stumbled into the J-7
Juice mascot. He was promoting the Russian(?) juice in Moscow, but
strangely at a random kiosk far from a metro. Don’t ask what we were
doing there. We were so shocked we had to get our photos taken
with the mouse/rat.

I am sure Ariel will turn her photo into a Christmas card, or other
such joe-cool craft item, she’s like that. I just put my photo on
this unseen web page.

Now it was fun to see the Russians getting creative with their logos
and advertising, but I think there is a conspiracy afoot. The very next
day, as I was walking on the opposite side of the city, I saw another
sight. It was the Tetley Tea guy, well guys. I have a photo of me
with the short and stout one, while the tall thin guy was passing out
free samples.

Looking at the Tetley Tea label, it has a strange mix of Russian and
English. The company name and type of tea (Peach in this case) are
in English on the front. On the back, the history of Tetley Tea,
the ingredients, and the directions are in English, while only the
ingredients and the directions are in Russian. Hmm.

Today, as I wandered around Moscow, I saw a chicken. A young
woman was dressed up as a chicken, and of course, I had my photo taken
with her. The poor girl, I’ve seen her before, and both times she was
standing by a metro exit handing out fliers to people looking quite cold
and funky. I wonder what she tells her family she does? Impersonations?
Direct marketing? She sure has a lot of guts, and thick skin, to take
the human abuse all day long. That chicken suit doesn’t help her
figure either!

I wonder who I will see next? Maybe I will luck out and see
Captain Crunch or the Cracker Jack Kid! Captain Morgan would be more

  1. In 1970 on the day of a major Soviet holleday I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop. Police truck was collecting drunks who blacken out in a street. I started count drunks. In area of one only bus stop police picked up 8!!!!!!! bodies.