Frankfurt U-Bahn Musical Shopping

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Hang on to your hat and your heart rate!

frankfurt uban
All aboard the U-Bhan
pour me another
Better than Wheaties
There is nothing quite like the experience of a European layover transition between a sweaty developing country and home sweet home America. Usually appearing as some odd dream at a painfully early hour, the Euro-jolt serves as a buffer, a reentry to Western civilization.

This trip, Frankfurt was my transition and with three hours before my next jet-leg, I fought jetlag with a trip to Frankfurt’s Römerberg central square. Being a transit foamer, I looked forward to checking out Frankfurt’s U-Bahn.

As a combined system of full metro and typical German Stadtbahn, the U-Bahn has an eclectic mix of passengers to augment its hybrid design. On my commute this morning was the airline stewardess, a logical companion from the airport, and this man, a Renaissance accordionist:

Now I bet you are wondering what I would do in Römerberg so early on a Saturday morning. What might tempt my fancy in the largest city of the German state of Hesse?

After I broke my Nile sobriety with a beer breakfast it was time to honor Eight Shoe Sue, with the only activity worth pursuing in a European city at daybreak:

Well, that and lust after high-end techno-gadgets.

2 Comments on “Frankfurt U-Bahn Musical Shopping

  1. Nice stop-over. Actually, it’s U-Bahn, not U-Bhan.

  2. Thanks for the catch Mjerumani. While I travel much and write more, I never claimed I could spell.