Dozing in Dakar

2005 > Senegal

And its going le put-put, not zoom-zoom

yep, she sho 'nuf does
Yana loves Dakar
more men
Heartstruck yet?
beauty, eh?
I know I am
Now I wanna say that I like Dakar, really wanna say I love it, but actually I don’t. I don’t dislike it either now, it just is, I guess. It is a tropical African city, exciting and amazing if you happen to speak French and or happen to be a woman. As a non-Frenchie guy, the place isn’t what Yana, a French-speaking black woman, would make it out to be.

For me, Dakar, with its French + Muslim culture is… well it’s a bore. And I day this with a heavy heart and much investigation. Sleepless with jet lag and high on Lariam, I wandered the streets of Dakar all night Friday and Saturday. In many an alley I looked, down many a streets I walked, into a few bars I ducked. Now there were people out, and much fun to be had, but only if you know French. If you are like me, and missing that gene, it was a lot of yapping in a strange tongue.

Now if you were a French-speaking man, it could still be a bore, since Senegal is Muslim. Its not Turkey or anything, but still, there is no mistaking the Muslim feel to the country. Manifested in daily life more than Kenya, Malaysia, or Indonesia, Senegal feels like Ethiopia, even though the latter is Christian, because the majority of people out were of the masculine persuasion. Not that I have anything against that, but as my friends will tell you, I gravitate towards the ladies. Sports, wives, kids, these things I do not know. Fashion, shopping, beauty, these things I love. And so you often, if not always, find me in the company of women.

So a bar in Dakar, full of men yapping in French, does not hold much for me. Interestingly, as I asked English-speaking French men during the day, Dakar doesn’t hold much for them either. Most were here either to escape a winter with a weekend wifed in the sun or were like me, here for work.

Now for the ladies, as Yana will confirm with vigorous head-nodding, Senegal is a dream come true. Almost as good as Angolan Independence Day, a weekend in Dakar ranks high on her Princess Lay-Me list. This I cannot contest, as I have to admit, there are a plethora of very hot, very manly, and very youthful men here. With less class than the French but more than the Italian, they do make the tourist women feel the Queen. Like on Zanzibar, beach boys are not uncommon in the arms of older European women. Hey, power to them too! It’s nice to see men appreciated in the oldest profession, equal to the women.

Still, if you’re a guy headed this way, bring the Misses, as it will be the only (non-commercial) female company you’ll get.

5 Comments on “Dozing in Dakar

  1. Travelling is an eye opener.You’ve seen what it means to be on a low altitude.I think you are just seeing Navy blue only.Hope you’ll be back with a normal colour that you love.Enjoy Boy.However,you have to take care if you are someone who likes fish.That place is very much known for its fish stuff.Hope you won’t come back smelling fish only![Sweat]
    Otherwise the ladies are there but there are too tall to….
    I trust you,you know how you will go about it.You are a person who doesn’t fail.In showing your talents,I just salute you!Try your luck!
    Keep alert.

  2. Today I watched a young French hottie walk down the street in front of me. She was dressed in typical French fashion – so hot Ray Charles would even turn his head, but oddly, none of the Senegalese men did. Nor did they stare at a Senegalese hottie who walked by on another occasion. Its amazing to me that here in deepest Africa, a Muslim Africa, women apparently get less on-street harassment than in my own Mt Pleasant neighborhood, where catcalls and stares would abound.

    Now during most conversations, a Senegalese man will not fail to mention to a Western woman that not only did he dream about her the night before, and only her, he had a vision this morning that she would come into his life and that this moment, in speaking o her, he knows she must be his wife. Or so several French women have confirmed to me, and that the Senegalese men will do this the second the boyfriend/husband steps away.

  3. At long last you’ve got one.Hey,with marathon race,you have to be steady,otherwise you’ll be challenged.
    It’s not only the Senegalese,these guys have funny tricks and traps but most of them are outdated or rymed at any woman every day,and when a woman is careful,she can easily ‘jump’ it.But poor ladies who are never out of that place are being twisted in all ways and at the end of the day,she is cheated completely and also.
    For the clever ladies,they just sit and wait for that funny ryme.And when it is rymed,then the lady concludes imediately and puts the guy off.Ofcourse like most of other men,all they want is to use all sorts of tricks to get what they want and after join the ‘100metres olympic race!’ Funny!
    Wayan,those guys should not be a threat to you at any cost.The magazine stuff I read here is enough to make you a winner.So Cheer up guy and test your skills.Good luck Boy!
    Enough gloves please! We still need you.

  4. Thanx for more photos man. The unique thing I really like with those guys in the photos is their genuine smile.It’s not plastic like the one I usually see which is near to crying!Despite all the hardships they come across in life,they manage to keepon flahing that normal smile that relaxes their faces.Have a second look at them.Cool!
    Thanx once again.
    Come with one cutie from there Wayan so that we can see your offspring with the colour you really admire and fantastic hair.But can you? I think you can because some time back you said that you don’t care about blue,black,purple or…..
    Its in you.
    Friday is coming,get ready with a boubou please.
    Good day dear.

  5. Yes Wayan, I like Senegalese men but no I do not like Dakar. The last time I was there (with Maya- not that I’m blaming her) we were detained by immigration at the airport and stuck there for 3 extra days with no luggage and extremely dirty feet from walking the streets in flip flops. Saint Louis for the jazz festival is the place and time to be there or Dakar during the world cup when senegal is playing. But that’s just my humble thought…..