Cool Britannia

I loved sailing through my Cool Britannia experience

Living like a college kid, richard's table color was unknown

The hard life in Wales
Britain! Wow, what a country! Or was it two? I spent a week and a half
gorging on the wonders the English Isles had to offer. I have to say I
was impressed that everyone spoke English, and the shopping was endless.

My Anglican adventure started innocently way back in January, when,
via an odd charge on someone’s staff account I couldn’t explain, I found
out that PW has a regatta every summer in England, the Windsor
Winch. As one who is know to wander into odd things, I jumped at the
chance to go sailing. What else am I gonna do with a few hundred buck and
three days of my life? So after a bit of BS, a well placed usage of the
word ‘jib pole,’ and a bit of begging, I got on the invitee list.
Joe-cool! I was going sailing!

Before I wound up on the boat, I went on a little South Island Odyssey.
I flew into London (of course) and went to stay with an old housemate from
DC, Danny. She lives in Wimbledon, a section of London strangely devoid
of tennis courts. I looked all over, but I didn’t see a single one! She
was good to catch up with. I got the latest gossip from DC, and her take
on the American Experience.

After spending time with her, and shopping like
mad in London, I went to see another ex-DC housemate (well more like
house crasher) Richard. We had a great time, driving to Cardiff Wales,
which might be an independent country, but I’m still a bit confused. There,
we packed up his University apartment and drove it back to his home in
Huntingdon with his stuffed animals staring out the back window the whole

I rested in the English countryside for a few days before it was off
to London again. This time it was more of a bar crawl, with a dinner at
the posh National Liberal Club as the climax. I promptly got food poisoning
from the spring rolls (I knew the English cooked bad, but food poisoning

The next day, as I learned all about the many
toilets of England, I made my way to Southampton, where the regatta
was going to be held. I met up with our crew, and of we went. A boat ramming,
impromptu swim, a broken jib pole, and a wind burnt face later, we came
in 6th, 5th, and 3rd out of 25 boats who sailed on a regular basis. For
a close to novice crew with a world class skipper, we did pretty good and
collected two bottles of champagne, if not a trophy.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Britain, and London is now on
the short list of cities I definitely want to live in.

  1. Sorry for learning all those toilets! You are not alone.Maybe you did not eat some snacks with prawns! Hmm!You can’t reach the toilet!Just change the trousers!