Boo! It’s a Blind Man

2003 > America

You Go Girls! Get those Pradas clacking down 17th!

a butterfly with a bonus

fine 'ladies' of 17th

Yana & Terri
God Damn!

Now there’s only one-way to start the weeklong Halloween festivity: that’s with drag queens. And I’m not talking just any kinda queen; I’m talking the hardcore drag queens that come out once a year for the annual 17th Street High Heel Race. Only for this Dupont Circle event can you see the hotties, the lovelies, and the damn uglies strutting their style in the same place.

And they not only strut, as this is a race after all. They get those size 14 Pradas moving! With sprint times that Carl Lewis would envy, and in skirts no less, the ‘menz’ haul ass down two blocks of 17th street to the cheers of a few thousand spectators.

Now there are those that don’t sprint as much as strut, like my all time favorite, the Bubble Wrap Queen (yes, we all wanted to pop her). This is good for me, as I’m usually working at trio Restaurant and do not get the luxury of seeing much past the tops of a few heads running past for the actual High Heel Race.

I did get to see a fun sight after the race, when a shower curtain chased SpongeBob SquarePants through the restaurant after a messy soap-dropping incident in the bathroom. Oh, and I had my own fun on the actual Halloween night, Friday.

This year I got creative and went dressed normally, with a stick and dark glasses. Then I pinned a day from a day planner to my shirt, making me: A Blind Date.

And let me tell you, I will be going as Blind Something from now on! It was such the cool costume. See, as I was blind, I had to feel everyone like Braille to know who was who, and that required lots of hands-on groping.

You could say I squeezed my fair share of Charmin. Well, actually much more than my fair share as I was told several times the next day. Still, it was a goodnight as I was never slapped once, as who would slap a blind man?!

Next year, I’ll need to be blind again, and I think I’ll get Matt to go with me, so we can be the Blind Leading the Blind. Or have Yana join in and be the Three Blind Mice. Ah, the possibilities…