America Wake Up!

2003 > America

Lina has something to say

smart and sexy too
C’mon smile, Lina

My Thoughts on 10.24.03 @ 10:00 am
By Lina

“How’s it going Lina?”
“Oh, just fantastic, I’m fantastic”
she said cheerfully.

ah, the things you can’t see.
so many things whirling
whirling, whirling
in my head
what am i doing here?
what am i DOING?
what am i?
is this what i want the world, the universe, my kids to remember
this sleep walking
this fear
that i’m sleep walking
and doing nothing about it
this is the legacy i’m leaving?
how sad? and it has everything to do with ME
if i don’t DO something about this, who will?
and why would i expect anyone else to be different
if i don’t do something about this
about THIS

8am, my wakeup call
Amy Goodman, Arundati Roy, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn, Edward Said
they wake me up
if i didn’t have them
i’d be slowly dozing
they’ve got the carbon monoxide out here
and everyone is slowly dozing
many have already slept off
walking in their sleep
they have no idea
they think they’re wide awake
but they’re just walking in their sleep

American, WAKE UP!!!!!!
can’t you see??? through the lies, through the smiles
you don’t care do you
you’re resigned
you’re actually content to walk in your sleep
to go through the rest of your life
NOT awake
ignorant, fearful, scared, complacent
how does it feel?

you don’t dare
to even THINK that you’re not awake
to know you have choices
to question your democracy
to question yourselves
to question your life
to question your country
to dare to DREAM again
remember when you were five?

freedom- that’s it?
that’s ALL you want?
freedom – what freedom?
why? why the hell is that SO important to you?
why the hell does that matter?
WHY – can you answer that question

it’s NOT a god-given right
it’s given because we GAVE it
that’s all. period.
and if we gave it, we can take it away. period.
that’s what they’re doing
don’t you see it?
no, you’re happy to be asleep
welcome to the USA, YOUR country

8am, my wakeup call
otherwise i’d be dozing
just like everyone else
i guess the pain comes from knowing that i’m sleepwalking
no, the pain comes from knowing
that i’m doing NOTHING about it

it’s Friday
doughnuts, coffee, laughter
the buzz around me…
everyone is so Happy
“this is the best of all possible worlds”

i’m disgusted.
my head, my heart.

“How’s it going Lina?”
“Oh, just fantastic, I’m fantastic”
she said cheerfully.