Another Birthday Abroad

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Waddya mean I can’t leave?
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Looking at the clock I see its 10pm here, 5pm in Washington, DC, and I am about to run out of time at the cyber cafe and battery power on my laptop. This would be a good thing since I’m still working on Geekcorps stuff, after a full day at the Geekcorps Senegal office. So another 12-hour day ends for me, just in time for dinner and a shower before bed. Oh, did I mention this is my birthday?

Or well it kinda is and kinda isn’t. See, I don’t really count birthdays if they don’t happen in the USA. Or I don’t count them officially, and in that way I can keep my youthful twenty-nine look. As Nicole pointed out last year, I grow old unconventionally. With birthdays in Bali, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia, La Paz, Bolivia, Moscow, Russia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lake Victoria, Tanzania, and Dakar, Senegal, I have a long way to go before my American birthdays pass twenty-nine.

If I keep up this travel lifestyle, I might never pass twenty-nine, which is fine by me. I like going to warm countries in February anyway. Though oddly, I’ve been cold every day in Dakar. Right on the beach and with low humidity, the breeze is cool and when in the shade, chilling. Chilling if, like me, you expected it to be baking hot and only brought deep summer wear. Foolish me to forget my Artic wear in the Sahel.

I asked around here for the local tradition on birthdays, and unlike Russia where I am expected to throw the party, or the USA where all your friends throw you one, here birthdays are a subdued affair. Not wanting to be a burden on the Geekcorps staff here, who all seem subdued to begin with, I kept my birthday mum. I think I’ll make a birthday party Saturday night when I go to Mali where there are a bunch of Geek volunteers.

Tonight, after yet another long day working on a job I love, its gonna be all about trading at dinner and hitting the sack early. Yeah, I know, not my usual party-boy self, but then again, I am dozing in Dakar.

3 Comments on “Another Birthday Abroad

  1. You’ll always look 28 though you are 29[4or3times].That smile that is always on your face can’t allow any wrinkle to appear.Like son like dad.
    Just check that snap at the top of this page.By the way,the ‘difference’is …I don’t know.
    ‘B…H…’.Keep trying,your god is listening.
    Wish you well.But not ‘navy blue’ please.
    Thanx for everything.