Ren’s Wedding in the Glen

2003 > America

Ren sure can make a cool bride

Ren, Sally, Lisa
Ain’t she pretty!
Well you go girl!

You go and get yourself married to one hunk of man. A man who’s so damn cool, he builds low rider bikes from scratch. A man who’s so handy, he can change out a car engine on a whim. A man so fine the girlies get goose bumps.

And you go and marry him in that cute little glen between your parents’ house and your own house, on a beautiful hillside in New Hampshire. You have all your family around you, and even get random cousins from all over to show up too.

Then you have yourself not just one, but two lavish parties. One of them, the traditional reception, filled will all the guests, giving good toasts and even trying to dance, and the other, for the closest, as an intimate post-wedding goodbye.

Yeah, you go girl!