The 10 Levels of Failure – a framework to fail in everything you do

After recently hosting Fail Faire DC to great success, I give you the 10 levels of failure as a framework for ICT interventions, with great deference to Jamer Hunt for starting the meme on the types of failures and David Roy for building on it. May you fail at reaching #1. Catastrophic failure Failure a […]

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Announcing the ICT4D Jobs and Career Forum

Do you want an international development job in information and communication technology? An exciting career where you travel the world using ICT to improve peoples lives? Or to find the perfect ICTD colleague or employee to help you do that? Then join the ICT4D Career Network to get career tips, employment ideas, and job offers […]

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Where to Find Wayan in September (hint: everywhere)

Today I have the honor of announcing a flurry of conferences and events I will be participating in this month. Please join me for all those that are pertinent to your focus area: September 7-8: At the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference I will be chairing a panel on How Is Technology Causing Breakthroughs in […]

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What are the best ICT4D Books, Journals, Blogs, and Websites?

Recently my friend Sabahat asked a very intriguing question about information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) that I could not answer quickly: Hello Wayan – I am interested in the ways that technology can enhance dev work but I’m not a techno geek. What books and/or journals would you recommend to someone like me […]

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Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion at ICISTS-KAIST 2011

I am proud to announce that I will be speaking at the 2011 International Conference for the Integration of Science and Technology into Society at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – South Korea’s premier engineering university. ICISTS-KAIST 2011 theme is “Metamorphosis: The Future of Human Society Information Era” with a focus on […]

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Address Book Business Opportunity: Contact List Cleaning and Updating

I have a problem that I think is not unique to me and could be a money maker for the right entrepreneur – address book cleaning, cross checking, updating, and general verification. Below I define 3 problems I have with my contact lists, with the Address Book cleaning the most important. And since importing in/out […]

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2011 RunKeeper 5K Global Challenge


Are you friends with Wayan Vota or Mike McKay? Are you a runner? Do you think you’re fast? Then join us for our RunKeeper 5K Global Challenge!

In the comments below, post your fastest 5K time over the week of May 9th to May 15th, from anywhere in the world, using the RunKeeper app, and you could win cool prizes.

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Digital Divide or Digital Bridge: Can ICTD Alleviate Poverty?

The past decade has seen great interest in information and communication technologies applied to international development, an endeavor sometimes abbreviated ICTD. Can mobile phones be used to improve rural healthcare? How do you design user interfaces for an illiterate migrant worker? What value is wireless technology to a farmer earning a dollar a day? In […]

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How to Run from Frankfurt Airport to Downtown Frankfurt and Back During a FRA Layover in 7 Easy Steps

For the runners of the world who have a layover at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), here are simple instructions to have a great Frankfurt Layover Running Adventure between your long-haul international flights (or any trip for that matter).

1. Plan ahead.

Know your speed and distance and use Google Maps of FRA to plot your run. There are a number of trails around the airport and bridges across the Main river with pedestrian walkways where you can cross into Frankfurt.

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