Ann is Swank in Squirrel Hills

2003 > America

Its Party Time in P-Burgh

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Calm in Daylight
party time in p-burgh
Wild at Night
Once upon a time, I lived in Moscow and hung out with a Joe-cool girl who at times was a friend, a housemate, and a hero. Now she lives in Pittsburgh, and until recently, I was scared about this development.

See, Ann and I met ages ago, at Chesterfield’s in Moscow, and from there became fast friends in that wild city, eventually being housemates in two different apartments before she left Russia for her own world travels.

Once she returned to the USA, she went back to Pittsburgh, where her family lives, and even moved in with them. There she stayed for the last several years, surprising me in her sedentary ways and means.

I was fearful that she’s fallen into a rut to which she’d never escape, one with a job and a man, and all those comforts of sedentary life that draws so many into its hold. I couldn’t see how she could be happy, after living such an exciting life, to go back to such a seemingly boring one.

Then again I’d never seen her in Pittsburgh and I set about to do just that. On my way to my cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire, I took a slight detour through Pennsylvania and wound up on her doorstep.

And what a doorstep that was! Her folks are not hurting, living in swank Squirrel Hill digs and Ann makes out just fine with her own floor in the house and no rent. Her boyfriend lives just down the block and her commute to work is short and easy.

Now her work isn’t all that, and it never is or they would call it ‘play’ instead of ‘work’, but at least she’s making good money and great options as its not a like I went with for a while.

No, all in all, she’s styling up in P-Burgh, with friends, family, and a city that actually has more of a nightlife than I’d imagined. With South Side, Shady Side, and the Strip, if she could stay awake long enough, Ann could rock the place. We tried when I was there, but bad weather and long days at museums conspired to keep the parting at a minimum.

Nuladna, as I know now that soon enough, I’ll be back to see those three rivers again, to catch another game at PNC Park and to dodge the PPG Plaza fountains at 1am with my good friend Ann.