An Afternoon with Harry

1999 > Hong Kong

Harry is a human Wallpaper*

Reading the Bible of Style
Harry in Action Mode

I can’t remember where I saw my first Wallpaper*, it was in
someone’s swank bathroom in Moscow, and if you wanna talk form over function,
style as religion, Wallpaper* is your bible.

I’ve only bought Wallpaper* once, when flying back from Amsterdam, finding
the $10 cover price a little steep for a magazine without naked women, but I
do read it when I’m killing time at airports, cafes, or anywhere I’m trying to
impress monied ladies.

Unfortunately, Wallpaper* never succeeded in the bird-pulling department,
mainly because I don’t always look the part. To really pull off the look,
I’d need a sugar mama and serious shopping time, neither of which I have or
can afford. Today, as I was sponging free Internet time at a Hong Kong cafe,
I met someone who does.

Harry is the very epitome of Wallpaper*. Oh, he tried to deny it when I saw
the magazine glowing through his too-chic clear plastic carry-case, claming it
wasn’t his, that he wouldn’t spend 100 HK dollars on such trendy words.
Though, once he opened the case, and revealed his swank new Sony Viao notebook
(I can’t deny it, I want one too!), with optional digital camera, and his DKNY
umbrella, he was exposed for the trendsetter he wished to be.

I didn’t begrudge Harry for his affluence, no, I was a little envious
actually. I wish I had the cash flow for such frivolity. Harry, the son of a
wealthy businessman, with University in Sydney and vacations in Hong Kong,
lives the ultimate Wallpaper* lifestyle. Okay, maybe not the ultimate, for
I’ve been to all the cities the magazine likes to name-drop while Harry hasn’t,
though he does outclass me in language proficiency.

When (and if) I get to Sydney, I’m gonna look up Harry, just to see how
Wallpaper* his real life is. I wonder can he, or anyone else for that matter,
really aspire, and achieve the Style Holy Grail?

And yes, Wallpaper* is spelled with an asterisk at the end.