Mysteries of Chinese ISP’s

Something fishy is going on with my ISP

The cage protects birds from cats, right?
The cages protect the birds

For one whole week in November, I emailed back and forth with my website host about
problems I was having trying to upload new pages onto my website. I
thought they’d changed login parameters on me, or somehow blocked my
access. The customer support reps, who were able to upload to my site
without problems, thought I was an idiot. I even went so far as to blast
Pacbell (the host) in a weekly email I send to people who write into my
site. That is until I found out the real deal.

See, what pissed me off the most was that I could ftp to my
Russian-hosted, Russia-content website, but not my USA-hosted
Chinese-content site. This led me to believe there
was a problem with Pacbell, not my computer program. So, just to test my
computer before I really flipped out, I tried to upload on a friend’s
computer. When it work flawlessly, I started to get suspicious and I used
a different ISP than my normal one to upload my files.

What does that mean in simple English? Somehow I am not allowed to
access my website on China using a Chinese ISP, but I can access it using
a non-Chinese ISP. Since I am still in China, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from my little escapade.