VBC Brewpub Tour – Granville Island Brewing

2008 > Canada

A beer tour of Vancouver, Canada

see the beer?
Where’s the beer tube?
On our Brewpub Roadtrip to Vancouver, Brett and I rolled into Granville Island Brewing a little early for the locals. Apparently, the pub doesn’t start serving until noon, so we bought tickets for the beer tour and went looking for brunch.

Returning at the appointed hour, we went on the world’s shortest brewery tour. Granville only brews small batches at the brewpub, its major production facilities are elsewhere. Still, we had a fun viewing of mashers, hopers, and other assorted empty steel containers until the real fun began – beer tasting.

With six little beers in front of us, Brett and I shared tasting tips and tales with an assortment of Canadians and a token American couple. Quickly, the topic turned to politics and a favorite quote was heard:

“I don’t think you’ll have a problem with a woman or black man for a President. You have a retarded one now.”

Well said, my northern neighbour, and how I often wish we had some Canadian enlightenment in American politics. We did get enlightenment on several topics of note – cold temperatures being a favorite. Thankfully, I’ve been damn cold, so I could hold my own in the conversation.

With the beers gone, and yet more brewpubs to sample, Brett and I bid our farewell to the Granville Island Brewery and headed out for the next brewpub adventure: Dockside Restaurant.