The Horror! The Horror!

take my gun before my cell phone!

oh, I miss it so!
the good old daze
Sometime today, during my 25-mile bike ride and 5-mile run across sunny Vero Beach, my social life took a massive dive. Now I didn’t get arrested naked in a park or abducted by aliens, it’s worse, I lost my cell phone.

Its as if I lost part of my voice, as I lost so many phone numbers and the convenience a cell brings. No more can I be the showy guy yapping on the phone as I drive/ride erratically and slowly in front of you.

Now I am just silent & sulking.

I’ve already canceled my phone number, as I’m going to wait till I return from Africa to buy a new cell phone, and I’m using my mom’s phone in the mean time.

Gee, this is almost like before last May, when like those in the stone age, all I had was a home phone and an answering machine!